Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year Maliya was a girl Pirate, Corley was Captain Jack Sparrow, Haislye was a kitty and Aliea was a Punk Rocker. We had a blast this year with costumes! We went trick-or-treating with our cousins out in Riverton. The weather wasn't too bad although it did rain on and off.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grandma's Surprise Party

My sister in laws threw a surprise party for Anthony's mom. It was her 60th birthday and we all seemed to keep it a surprise! She almost didn't show up because she was going to a football game but somehow Joyce convinced her to go to dinner, even though she wasn't hungry. All of our families were there and a few of her close friends all came. The grand kids all sang, "You are my sunshine", which is her favorite song.

These are a few pictures of our night. I forgot my camera and was using Aliea's and was having a little trouble. I was hoping to get a ton more pictures but have a few more that need editing still. This is a picture of Maliya, Aliea, and my two nieces, Kassidy & Alysson. We also had a few family members talk about her and her life which brought some laughs and tears. It was a great night!! I asked Anthony and Corley to smile for me and of course this is what I got! I just don't understand sometimes.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Maliya's first day of 4th grade

This is Maliya and her friend Landri on the first day of 4th grade! Landri was staying with us that week and they had a lot of fun getting up and getting off to school together. This is the second year she has attended a charter school, we are so greatful she has been able to go to such a great school! Her teacher is Ms. Thorpe and Maliya is loving her class.

Summer 2008 Fishing Trip

We decided instead of camping....with a baby, we would go fishing.....

It was a fun day despite the fact the only thing we caught all day was....

"STEVE"! Corley was a little disappointed but he had a blast! We had to find the "right" spot which included 2 separate lakes and a whole bunch areas with a place that would be okay for Haislye. By the time we found the spot it was lunch time and we had brought up everything to cook breakfast. It was a long hot day but we had fun spending time together and now it is worth a good laugh!

A Blessing & A Baptism

What a great day for my family. We got to share two great events in one day. Maliya was taught the discussions by the missionaries. It was really nice to have them over each week, they brought such a sweet spirit into our home. They were really nice and did a great job at getting down on her level. She was baptized and confirmed by one of our great friends Brad Parkin. We also had Haislye blessed that same day by Keri Blackburn. She received a great blessing, they are such special girls. It was so nice to share this day with all of our family!

Spring 2008 MS Walk

We have made this a tradition in my family to attend the MS walk each year. This year we all bought shirts and tie dyed them and our awesome family made iron on's for each one. We had a great time making the shirts together. I hope this tradition lasts forever!