Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grandma's Surprise Party

My sister in laws threw a surprise party for Anthony's mom. It was her 60th birthday and we all seemed to keep it a surprise! She almost didn't show up because she was going to a football game but somehow Joyce convinced her to go to dinner, even though she wasn't hungry. All of our families were there and a few of her close friends all came. The grand kids all sang, "You are my sunshine", which is her favorite song.

These are a few pictures of our night. I forgot my camera and was using Aliea's and was having a little trouble. I was hoping to get a ton more pictures but have a few more that need editing still. This is a picture of Maliya, Aliea, and my two nieces, Kassidy & Alysson. We also had a few family members talk about her and her life which brought some laughs and tears. It was a great night!! I asked Anthony and Corley to smile for me and of course this is what I got! I just don't understand sometimes.

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